Primo Interview (Dutch)

Rochelle Shapiro lives and works New York and it has a thriving practice as a medium and clairvoyant. She inherited that talent according to her own words her grandmother, who was in the Russian community of New York one respected and much-sought-after woman
used to be. Rochelle learned from her as a child already how she had to read tea leaves, how she could open herself to ghosts, so that they could make contact with the loved ones she had in this native left behind. Sometimes with no more then a word of love, a symbol, a smile, sometimes with messages, warnings and predictions.

Rochelle absorbed all those experiences her debut book, ‘Miriam the Medium’, a story that is based in part on her own life: the medium Miriam struggles with her gift, her marriage and her teenage daughter and she must be with to come to terms with themselves to save her family. A compelling one and not devoid of any romance story that perfectly adapts to filming would borrow. “What might come of it”, says Rochelle Shapiro.