TRANSFORMING THE DIFFICULT CHILD by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Baisley

TRANSFORMING THE DIFFICULT CHILD by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Basley is the book we all wish we had when raising our kids. Put simply, if you lecture, argue, point out, warn, threaten, raise your voice…etc. when a child is doing wrong, it’s like a reinforcement of the negative. We’re giving them special attention for what we don’t want them to do. This book shows a parent or teacher how to bring about positive values in their kids by shifting our responses so that more and more they feel good about themselves as they become self-governing. It takes time and work, but think of the alternative! It’s a great help to parents, teachers, and grandparents. (My daughter-in-law gifted me a copy.) 

This is the way the book is described the Difficult Child brings to life a new way of shifting intense children to a solid life of success. The Nurtured Heart Approach puts a refreshing spin on both parenting and teaching and reveals new techniques and strategies that create thoroughly positive behaviors. This is the newly updated 2016 revision.