NEWSICAL–the Musical at Theater Row, 410 W. 42nd

NEWSICAL—THE MUSICAL at Theater Row, 410 W. 42nd

            Remember Saturday Night Live in the days of John Belushi when the writers were on their game throughout the whole show and we didn’t have to depend on a guest appearance by Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga or a reunion with Tina Fay to get it off the ground? Well, that’s what Newsical—the Musical is like—hilarious skits built on news items which are updated frequently to reflect the latest news.

Christina Biance delivers in every bit of her talent in every bit. Wait until you see and hear her as Christina Aguilera botching The Star Spangled Banner or as a senior widow along with her fellow widows, Christina Pedi and (in a wig and dress) Tommy Walker pretending to take planes just for the joy of getting groped by security. Christine Pedi’s rendition of the pit bull, Nancy Grace, had the audience barking with laughter. Michael West was a perfect Peewee Herman and President Clinton, but despite the flappy false ears, his impression of Obama left no impression.

What will surprise you is having such talent in such a small venue with such affordable tickets. No matter if the woman sitting next to you spends most of the one-hour performance crinkling and crinkling her bag of candy or that the guy behind you has to repeat every wisecrack to his wife who is only hard of hearing because she’s talking to her friend throughout the show, you will still leave laughing.

If you can, have dinner first at Chez Josephine which is practically next door at 414 W. 42nd St which is dedicated to Josephine Baker and owned by her adopted son. Besides the Paris/New Orleans décor, the piano player, and the unique food, when was the last time you saw women with upsweeps and gardenias in their hair?

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