Macy’s Snafu Leads to Enlightenment

Take a close look at my new skirt. I bought it at Macy’s and until I wore it to a party, I didn’t notice that the saleswoman had never removed the shoplifting gizmo and it hadn’t buzzed when I walked out of the store. I was so annoyed. At the party, I was trying to hide it with my pocketbook. And then I thought, What the heck? I showed everyone and told the story and it became a party favorite. Each new guest cracked up when they saw it. I actually couldn’t bear to part with that gizmo. I wore the skirt again that week and found out that when I went into a store and the clerk spotted the gizmo on me, he waited on me fast to get me out of there. See how an inconvenience can end up working to your advantage?