LOVE REDUX, Follies is extended three weeks at the Marquis Theater


 Both definitions of Follies—a musical review and a foolish action fit this revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman musical about former Follies stars who reunite for a last performance at a theater which is about to become a parking lot. Sally Durante Plummer played by Bernadette Peters, wife of Buddy Plummer (Danny Burstein) thinks she should have married Benjamin Stone (Ron Raines) who is already married to the gorgeous Phyllis Rogers Stone played by Jan Maxwell. Phew! Everyone is blinded by the neon life they think they should have lived while rejecting the possibilities of lives they have.
 The songs, well, who can ever depreciate Sondheim? The costumes are wows, especially Jan Maxwell’s. (Who else would look as great in them?) The sets are clever and with so many Tony-award-winning stars, you can’t go wrong. .
         The theme of old loves torching older breasts is definitely current. Why else would someone you fox-trotted with at a dance in a gym when you were fourteen track you down on Facebook to tell you all you meant to him and how much he’d like to see you again soon. Me, I’d rather see my grandchildren, but to each his own.
         The sure thing is you’ll be one of the throng standing up, applauding wildly at the end.

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