Freud’s Interest in the Occult

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris reawakened my interest in Anais Nin. She was the flapper who decided to stay La Belle Époque at the end. (Oops, have I given it away?) I indulged in Noel Riley Fitch’s The Erotic Life and Anais Nin.

    Anais Nin was up to her haunted dark eyes in the study of the cosmos and analysis. She hustled customers for an astrologer and during her affair with the analyst, Otto Rank, became an analyst herself. She even got clients for her lover, Henry Miller to analyze. Go figure.

    Freud, who began psychoanalysis, was into the occult, too.  On page 195, I learned that Freud, suffering from nasal infections and migraines, took cocaine treatments at times determined by numerology!