A Simple Step You Can Take Now to stop SCHOOL SHOOTINGS

We are all so frustrated and in mourning. We can’t wait for politicians. If they decide to do something, it may take years. My friend, Robin Gorman Newman, founder of motherhoodlater.com and a Tony-award nominated producer, thought of something ingenious that we can do. Open up an INSTAGRAM account. Instagram is where young people are these days. Spend ten minutes a day or a week perusing teens in your neighborhood. If you see someone promoting violence, call your local police department and the FBI. As a result of her promoting this idea, a teenage girl on Long Island who was taking pictures of herself with guns and using the N-word among other expletives has been paid a visit by authorities. If you care about mental health and not guns, think of this young woman possibly getting help from your diligence. At least her parents would be informed of her activities.